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Wrestling with Your Destiny

Wrestling with Your Destiny

“Bonora confronts his successes and failures head-on in a book that is a must-read for every scholastic and college wrestler. Coaches would be smart to order a copy, too, and delve into the psyche of a wrestler.” – Bob Behre/For The Star Ledger

“Excellent, interesting reading for any current or former grappler.” – James V. Moffatt, winner of Amateur Wrestling News’ 2010 Wrestling Writer of the Year.

“Whether your goal as a wrestler is to win Olympic gold, bring home a title from the NCAAs, be crowned a champ at your state tournament, or be the starter on your wrestling team, Michael Bonora’s Wrestling with Your Destiny is a great guidebook on your journey to make your dreams a reality.”- Mark Palmer, InterMat Staff Writer

Join NCAA champion Michael Bonora, as he recounts the inspiring moments of his wrestling career in hopes of helping you reach your goals. As you dive into this book you will get a unique glimpse into the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of wrestling. Through unrelenting dedication Bonora was able to reach his goals and is now passing his knowledge onto you.

Wrestling with Your Destiny- Paperback Edition

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