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Wrestling Stance Basics

In a proper wrestling stance have one leg slightly in front of the other and your legs a little wider than shoulder width apart. Typically in wrestling if you are a righty your right leg is forward. However if you are participating in wrestling strictly to help your mixed martial arts (MMA) game, I recommend leading with your left leg forward. That is the traditional stance for boxing and it will be easier for your MMA game to flow from one to the other. After you decide which leg to lead in your wrestling stance, crouch down and have your hands out in front protecting your legs, especially your lead leg. As TAKEDOWNS pointed out, the neutral position is most important in wrestling.

Wrestling Stance Lines of Defense: Head, Hands, and Hips

Good head position is when you can block all of your opponent’s shots by shuffling your feet and moving your head. If your opponent gets past your head, you have your hands to try to block his shot. And if that is by-passed by your opponent as well, chances are your wrestling stance was compromised. Now your last option is to sprawl with your hips.

Always move your feet in short choppy steps i.e. right leg-small step, left leg-small step. That is how you always keep the leg you want in front. In order to confuse your opponents move your feet side to side randomly to mess with his timing. Never cross your feet or back up in your wrestling stance.

Get comfortable in your wrestling stance.

Walk around for at least a half hour every day until it is easy for you. Your legs will burn and your back will scream, but your wrestling will thank you. When you are tired, your best defense will be your wrestling stance.

When your opponent takes a shot or even fakes one, get in the habit of shuffling both of your feet away. Meaning if he touches your right leg, don’t just pull that one leg back. That is how I set up my low single leg takedown by making my opponent think I was going to attack the opposite leg. When he pulled the one leg back I capture the leg I was intending to all along.

If you have nothing to offer except for a great wrestling stance, it will be difficult to take you down and thus difficult to beat you.

Proper Wrestling Stance

Proper Wrestling Stance


  1. July 8, 2011    

    Another informative piece! Stance is everything though, getting caught off guard is doom for a wrestler. Training hard and training correctly is the only way to win!

    • July 18, 2011    

      Thank you for the comments.

    • May 13, 2016    

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