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Fun with a Wrestling Movie

Today’s post is about a wrestling movie. It is obviously more for entertainment and shared experiences than it is for learning. That is okay though. You need to have a little fun in wrestling in order to stay sane and avoid burnout. Wrestling can easily consume your life and leave you with no time for anything else.

Unfortunately, there are not many wrestling movies out there. Wrestling is not a mainstream sport even though many of us wish it could impact a greater number of people. Programs like Beat the Streets are trying to change that with lots of success. The nonprofit’s current goal is to expose New York City children to the sport who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to learn it. There is hope and a wrestling movie from Hollywood every once in a while can’t hurt the sport either.

When I was younger I always wanted to be able to watch a wrestling movie that could help me explain how I felt about the sport. The only wrestling movie available at the time was Vision Quest. Later on there was a movie called Reversal which had wrestling as its main story too.

Vision Quest was a good movie despite the outdated lines and unrealistic wrestling. It encompasses a lot of what it means to be a wrestler and I think any wrestler should see it.

The Newest Wrestling Movie

Last night I saw the most recently released wrestling movie, Win Win. Despite that its main story was not about wrestling there was plenty of wrestling in it. Which is fine by me.

The wrestling in the movie was more flashy than actual wrestling with lots of throws. A lot more than in any normal high school wrestling match for sure. The throws do appeal to the masses more than the typical takedowns. Still compared to Vision Quest the wrestling was much more authentic. I guess that’s what happens when you have a New Jersey state champion in a starring role. Overall the movie was very entertaining and worth the two hours of time.

I believe we all should go out and support the wrestling movies and/or books that come out. There are not many of them out there and the ones that do make it through have probably had a long road to be made or published. They only can help spread the word that we all already know — wrestling helps you become a better person and that is the real gift it gives to its participants. If it takes a wrestling movie to inspire more kids to wrestle, so be it.


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