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Proper Wrestling Clothes

If you walk into any high school wrestling room (even some college ones) you will find kids in shorts and a t-shirt and others in full sweats. Some even have plastic suits on underneath their wrestling clothes. A lot of high school coaches, allow their wrestlers to practice with lots of clothes on because, “They are overweight.” Unless it is the day before a match or the morning of the match, every person in the room should be wearing the same wrestling clothes: Shorts and a T-shirt. You will need multiple t-shirts as you will sweat through them. In a typical practice I usually went through 4 or 5. The one exception to this shorts and t-shirt rule are the long sleeve compression shirts to wear underneath your t-shirt to protect against skin diseases. Skin diseases are one of the only unavoidable negatives about the sport and anything that can provide protection against them, I’m all for.

The reason why I am preaching the shorts and t-shirt wrestling clothes is simple. When you are at a comfortable temperature, you are working out harder and burning more calories, thus leading to true weight loss. Not water weight loss. You can move better in fewer clothes and actually get something out of practice outside of losing weight, which should always be your goal. Most college coaches know this and for the most part wrestlers in a college wrestling room are not weighed down by clothes.

Some wrestlers are more comfortable in sweatpants and a t-shirt and that can be ok too, as long as they are wearing sweatpants to be more comfortable on the mat. Or because they don’t want to wear out the kneepads they use in matches. The sweatpants will help them slide like their kneepads. The reasons to wear sweats have to be right.

Temperature of the Room

The other side of the coin is the temperature of wrestling rooms. For some reason people seem to want to make wrestling rooms as hot as possible. The only way I would agree with this principle is if you were wrestling your state tournament or the NCAAs outside in 100 degree weather. The practice room should be the same temperature as the place where you are going to be wrestling your matches, as it is practice for that. Having an extremely hot wrestling room does the same thing as wearing too many wrestling clothes, it slows you down, and makes practice only about losing weight and not about getting better.

Wrestling Clothes – My Way

I will be the first to admit that I made many mistakes throughout high school wrestling. Particularly cutting weight and even more specifically the wrestling clothes I wore in practice. I learned from those mistakes however. What worked for me in college were shorts, a compression shirt that I never took off and lots of t-shirts I would rotate out when they became soaked through. I highly recommend a similar plan for anyone that wants to get the most of out practice. If you continue to wear lots of wrestling clothes, plastic suits, or have an extremely hot wrestling room it will hurt you in the long run. I can almost guarantee that. If for no other reason than you are focusing on the wrong things in practice. Remember you are practicing for a wrestling match and in a wrestling match you wear a singlet and the temperature is normally mild. Prepare for that environment in the same way.

If you haven’t gotten the point yet: Stop wearing tons of wrestling clothes.



  1. June 10, 2011    

    Amen, I the head wrestling coach at Shepherd High School in Michigan. I could not agree more. I am constantly preaching this to my guys, and we have a no hooded sweatshirt and only shorts policy as well.

    • June 12, 2011    

      That’s a great policy.

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  3. Michael Michael
    March 18, 2015    

    rubber suits were not allowed when I wrestled and anyone caught wearing them would be cut from the team. Compression gear was acceptable to wear under the shorts or sweatpants, and Tee shirts

    • Michael Michael
      March 18, 2015    

      Additionally, we were allowed to practice shirtless if we got hot.

      • March 29, 2015    

        A lot has changed with wrestling through the years. Wearing a rubber suit was never a good idea though.

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