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Instructional Video: Underhook to Outside Single

Underhook to Outside Single

Underhooks are very effective when used correctly. However if you sit there and don’t use the move you will be in trouble. When an opponent tried to stall with an underhook I welcome it and hit my fireman’s carry.

Here is one finish that you can use to avoid being victimized by a fireman’s. The key is jacking your opponent’s arm up and not allowing him to crank down on your arm. The quicker you learn to use an underhook the better off you will be.

Underhook to Outside Single

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  1. December 5, 2011    

    Underhook to Outside Single is one of the best moves as per my knowledge because it does not give chance to opponent to stand on feet if we use it properly but wrestler has to analyze the opponent to use underhook to outside single move in right time.

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