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Philosophy of Takedowns

2008 New England Finals Takedown

2008 New England Finals Takedown

Takedowns in wrestling are what the best wrestlers score the majority of their points from. In fact most matches are won by the wrestler who scores the first takedown. That is why it is so important to be able to take down your opponent more than he can take you down. It is also the reason why you always have to worry about how good you are from your feet before you move to other positions. There are exceptions to this rule but they are very rare.

Remember this: If your takedowns are better, you should win the match.

My philosophy for wrestling in general involves being three moves deep in all aspects of the sport. For example, you must have at least three effective offensive takedowns (scoring off your own shots) to turn to. Also it means being able to chain wrestle from move to move to move. On bottom, off the whistle you might go for a knee slide standup, then transition into a Granby roll before getting the escape with a basic standup. Stringing moves together is very important in wrestling, especially when you are on your feet looking to score points.

The three offensive leg-attacks I used throughout my career were a fireman’s carry, a low single leg, and an outside or sweep single leg. The three shots complimented each other very well. One set up the other, as my fireman’s was always the fake shot I used for my low single leg. The way I setup my fireman’s carry was from an inside tie-up, I rotated my opponent to the opposite leg I was intending to shoot at. As the near leg was suspended in the air I attacked my opponents back leg that could not move. His only option was to hop, and if he did, I would still capture his leg and secure the takedown. That setup was also the exact one I used to shoot my outside single leg takedown. Because my takedowns were so intertwined my opponents never knew what shot I was going to take and that confusion led to many, many points for me.

I was able to use only those three shots effectively for years because of the way they worked off each other. Since those were the only shots I ever took, I drilled them constantly as DRILLING FOR WRESTLING pointed out. Sometimes I would not shoot the fireman’s with perfect execution for whatever reason, and that is why I drilled a few different finishes from a high crotch.  That way if I was ever stuck in a match, I would know what to do.

If you do not have at least three takedowns that you feel very confident with against any competition, you should start your training there.  Once you get to that point, you can move on to other aspects of your wrestling.

No matter what, drill your best takedowns everyday to make them even better.


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