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Instructional Video Blog: Outside Single Leg

The thumbless hand grip is very important as is the way I rotate on my right knee to get to the side of my opponent. Once I am there, I push off my trail leg which in this case is my left leg. Be careful not to have your trail leg too close to your body or too far away either. You have to find the sweet spot in between that feels right for your single leg. Then keep your forehead in his ribs just as if you were going to run the pipe.

Types of Single Leg Takedowns:

There are so many other types of single leg takedowns from a low single or dart shot to a head-on-the-outside single or high crotch. Whenever you are attacking one leg as opposed to two it could technically be called a single leg takedown. Although for the purposes of this blog I will call a head-on-the-outside single leg — a high crotch.

The two single leg takedowns that worked best for me were the outside single which is shown above and the low single or dart shot.

Single Leg Philosophy:

Both of my single leg attacks were to my opponent’s left leg. I had other shots for his right leg to keep him off-balance. What is important to remember is that no matter which leg my opponent led with, I always attacked his left one with my singles. I moved my opponent into the position I needed him to be in with my set-ups, fakes, and other hand fighting techniques. That way I was always dictating the pace of the match and my ability to score takedowns did not revolve around my opponent’s stance.

Ideally, if I had wrestled my whole life, I would have been able to lead with either foot and shoot all of my shots to either side. However, that is not necessary for success and is not what I did. If you have enough shots to threaten both legs, you can keep your opponent off-balance enough to score the takedowns and win the match.

If you do not use a single leg often, work on it until that changes. There are enough varieties of single leg takedowns out there for you to find one that you can use effectively.

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