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Instructional Video Blog: Single Leg Defense 5

Single Leg Defense 5

This defense was my last resort. It is always good to have a plan, or in this case a move, to go to when all else fails. This single leg defense was just that for me. The key to it is scooting your hips around your opponent while blocking his arms from cutting off to a double leg.

Be careful when you try this move. There is definitely some risk. Make sure you practice it and play around with it before you attempt to use it in a match. You should always try new things in practice.

Single Leg Defense 5


  1. November 18, 2012    

    Wrestlers are dominating baseuce MMA is set up for wreslters to win duh!! Power and Explosion and staying on top for 3- 5 minutes Get rid of the Time limits and give the guy on the bottom back some more tools for his arsenal and wrestlers won’t be dominating anymore

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