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Instructional Video Blog: Russian Armbar

Russian Armbar

Russian Armbar

All week I will be showing moves from a Russian armbar. In this first installment we are learning how to get the hold.

The way I get the Russian armbar (or two-on-one) is shown in the video below. It is not the only way to get it but it is the way I most often do. Notice how I bring my shoulder up to my ear and turn my head as opposed to bringing my head to my ear. Shoulder to ear loosens his grip enough for me to grab his arm and execute the move. No matter how strong your opponent is, his grip will loosen if you do it correctly. Make sure your drilling partner is honest with you about if you are doing it correctly.

My Russian Armbar

I used the move when my normal takedowns were not working for whatever reasons. Sometimes you will encounter someone who can stop your best shots. When that happens you need at least a Plan B and probably a C and D. This move takes wrestlers out of their comfort zone and opens holes in their defense. It is a good weapon in your arsenal.

Russian Armbar Video

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