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Instructional Video Blog: Russian Armbar Trip

Russian Armbar Trip

Russian Armbar Trip

This finish is probably not the first one you would think of off a Russian armbar. I decided when I first started this blog that I would only show moves that have worked for me throughout my career. That is why I did not show the basic pull-the-hand-to-the-mat and go-behind takedown. I never used that particular finish. As with everything though, that does not mean it never works for anyone. Someone else might teach that armbar finish extremely effectively and that is who you should seek out to learn it from.

The Russian armbar trip in the video below has a lot going on. You are using every part of your body to execute the move. One key point that I don’t mention in the video is the way I use my hips to bump my opponent over. After I kick his near leg up and step across behind his opposite leg, my hips are smashing into his and that is what trips him up.

You also can reach for the ankle you are tripping. Sometimes you will get it and sometimes you won’t. The point is to make this move your own and figure out the best way the Russian armbar trip works for you.

Russian Armbar Trip Video


  1. October 27, 2016    

    A bit suprsired it seems to simple and yet useful.

  2. October 31, 2016    

    It’s like a couple of us have kept saying to Chuck in Tiny Town; FF creates all kinds of problems and issues, even old-ass versions that we have had at work to look at blades. Chrome is way faster and with the exception of the worldwide outage for a few minutes the other day, I have had zero problems with it. They have have a version for Linux: Chromium. Same deal. Works great.  OFD

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