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Instructional Video Blog: Russian Armbar Defense

Russian Armbar Defense

There are other finishes from the Russian armbar that I have not shown a video for. The move that comes to mind first is an outside single leg finish. I never used the single leg finish from a Russian effectively in a college match however. Like I said in a previous post, this does not mean that an outside single leg finish is not effective. It only means you want to learn the move from someone who has used it with success in the past, not someone who is only showing it for the sake of showing it. On the other hand, the moves I have shown in the previous two posts (Russian Armbar Trip and Russian Armbar Fireman’s) are the ones I used most often and effectively.

So you may ask yourself: What do I do when someone gets me in a Russian? Have no fear, this post is here to help you quickly, easily, and effectively get out of the move. When you attempt the counter I show in the video below, you will be putting yourself into a true neutral position or a scramble spot. You have to be ready to move into a good position. The one thing you have to watch out for when you and your opponent both have a Russian, is for your opponent to attempt a throw. If you are not comfortable in that position, you have to get out of there. It should be relatively easy if you do the move as I show below and are pulling up on his elbow.

Please ask any questions you have of the video below.

Russian Armbar Defense

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