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Instructional Video Blog: Peak Out

Peak Out

Many times when you attempt a takedown you do not hit it cleanly. The key to scoring those points and ultimately winning the match is not giving up once your first attempt goes sour. The video below of the peak out will help you in these instances. You should only attempt this move when your opponent wraps you in a body lock or does not have your head in his control. If you attempt the peak out when your opponent has your head wrapped up, you will end up on your back. You can do this move to both sides. Make sure you slide your knee at the same time you are throwing your elbow back.

Peak Out


  1. March 6, 2016    

    Bruce TzuOctober 12, 2012 You really need to work on using the body grips if you want to use your judo tohwrs. You can use the wrist like you were grabbing the sleeve of the gi. You can also brab the back of their head. I like to pummel and fit one of my arms under the arm pit around there back it gives me a feel similar to Gi. I think you just need to practice alot. Look at Karo Parsian he always seems to win the takedowns. Another thing without a Gi you need to be more conscious of level changes. The wrestlers will hit you every time if you stay high and they go low. In Judo it isn’t as important because you can use the gi to stop there momentum more easily.

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