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Are you obsessed with wrestling?

Do you think you give it too much value in your overall life? Do your friends and family ask, “Why are you doing this to yourself?” If your answer is yes to these questions or even one of them, you are what I was like during my competitive wrestling days.  And it is ok if you cannot answer the why part of their questions. Wrestling is like that. You want to win so badly but it’s hard to put into words why. I want to say that it’s like an addiction but that gives off bad connotations. It is probably best described as a healthy obsession.

I was obsessed with wrestling and I made it the number one priority in my life.

If you want to do great things in this life you have to fully commit to it. Half-hearted attempts end in failure and heartbreak. This is especially true with wrestling.

Truthfully it is a sport that requires a lot of time, continuous drilling and tons of mental focus. If you don’t give it the time and effort you will not become the best wrestler you can be. One of my biggest advantages over my opponents was the knowledge that no one worked harder than me. When I went on the mat being obsessed with wrestling was a key factor in my winning. I told myself, “I worked harder than this guy, there is no way he is beating me.” That knowledge is especially useful in close matches when time is running out. Being obsessed with wrestling gives you a calming feeling and more importantly the stamina to outlast your opponent because of your work ethic.

The main thing to understand is that you get out of wrestling what you put into it. If you work harder you will become a better wrestler.

Obsessed with Wrestling National Finals

National Finals

Being obsessed with wrestling has no prerequisites like other sports such as basketball, football or baseball. You don’t have to be a giant, lighting fast, super strong or even coordinated. In wrestling, you can mask weakness in areas with strengths in others. What you need is internal motivation, a desire to win but more importantly to train like WORKING OUT FOR WRESTLING and DRILLING FOR WRESTLING point out. Those things are not the lot you have been given in life as your size and race are. The things you need for wrestling are attainable for everyone.

I once heard champions are born not made. I know now, that is completely untrue. I am a testament of the opposite because I was obsessed with wrestling. I was made into a champion with my work ethic and my willingness to sacrifice for my dream. You can make yourself one too.

It just may take being obsessed with wrestling for a while.


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