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Instructional Video Blog: Low Single

Low Single

The low single or dart shot is my favorite takedown to shoot. That does not mean it is my most effective. There are lots of ways to set up this shot and sometimes all you need is speed. That is where the jump rope will help out a lot. Until I jumped rope on a regular basis I couldn’t use the low single. Once I sped up my feet enough, normally all that it took for me to secure the takedown was a good fake.

Some opponents will shuffle their feet back or to the side, when you fake a shot. This type of opponent would not be a good candidate for a fake shot setup. When they shuffle their feet away, both of their legs are out of range for the low single. For someone like that I usually attempted to tie them up. Once I did, I could control his legs and rotate his body into position for the move. However, the faster you are, the less setup you need.

I do not finish the low single the way John Smith does. He was the most effective with this shot and he shot it with his forehead ramming into his opponent’s shin bone. That is ideal, however, I was never able to perform that finish effectively. That is why I replace his forehead  with my shoulder. The way I shoot it gives me more options to finish. I will be posting those finishes to the low single during the next three days. As usual, practice and drill and then repeat.

Low Single Video

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