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Instructional Video: Limp Arm

Limp Arm

As promised in the previous post on Friday, here is the video blog solely on the limp arm. The move is used in a few different situations on the mat. If you want to be successful on the highest level it is something you are going to have to know how to do automatically. There should not be any thinking involved if you drill it until it becomes second nature. Luckily, the limp arm is simple enough that it should not take the high amount of repetitions that I recommend for almost all the other moves I show, to get it down correctly and effectively. Check out drilling for wrestling for my philosophy on that.

The video below is just one example of when you need a limp arm to score some points. It is a great way to get out of your opponent’s whizzer as shown below. There are many other situations and scrambles when a limp arm will be a very useful tool to have in your arsenal. Learn it, drill it, use it.

Limp Arm

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