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Instructional Video: Lat Drop

Lat Drop

A lat drop is one of those fun wrestling moves many young and inexperience wrestlers want to learn first. It’s a flashy move. Typically I shy away from moves like this, but there are exceptions to every rule. A lat drop is one of those exceptions as is an arm spin – a move that looks cool and is effective as well.

There are other setups for a lat drop then the simple push forward and using your opponent’s momentum as I show in the video. That is just one of them. This is the type of move where you have to feel it out. If you force this move you will end up on your back. The lat drop can be one of your go to moves when you’re down late in a match to either help you secure a fall or make up a big point difference. As with almost every move I show, practice and drill it until the move becomes second nature. When you’re at that point go out and have fun with it. At the end of the day that’s always a goal. It is just a lot easier to have fun with wrestling when you are winning.

Lat Drop

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