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Instructional Video Blog: How to Jump Rope

I have already talked about the jump rope in working out for wrestling. However it has been so instrumental to my success as a wrestler I felt it deserved its own post.

Jump Rope Positives:

-Quickens your feet

-Improves coordination

-Burns tons of calories

-Unbelievable leg workout

-Can do it by yourself

-Can do it in a very small area

-Challenge yourself to get better

Jump Rope Negatives:

-A little rough on your knees

-Cannot do it when you are injured to any of your extremities


The positives definitely outweigh the negatives. And the boring factor can be combated with creative challenges you give yourself. In all the years I have been using the jump rope only twice have I not made a mistake for the entire thirty minute workout. If you mess up, move on to another challenge such as not messing up when you jump in a circle or when you are sprinting with the jump rope. Figure out what works for you because what worked for me will not always be right for you.

Keep at the jump rope, even if it beats you in the beginning. Start slow and build up. If you feel awkward do it in the privacy of your own home at first. Then you can use it as a dynamic warm-up at the gym or part of your wrestling warm-up. If you do stick with the jump rope you will be rewarded greatly in both wrestling and beyond.


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