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When you clicked on this post titled Heaven, you probably assumed I would talk about the moments after I accomplished my goal. While those moments are very hard for me to describe, other than the feeling that all my hard work was worth it, I was not in heaven. I was never more alive than I was in those moments after I won nationals. In the terms I describe heaven below, anyone who is a little crazy can experience it.

Wrestling puts all of its participates through a lot of suffering. Wrestlers take all of this because they believe that the good outweighs the bad. A position I fully support.

Heaven in Wrestling

I am using the word heaven in these terms: when I am doing something and there is nothing else I would rather do in the entire world. If I am doing exactly what I want, for that amount of time I am doing it, I am in heaven. Or at least in heaven on earth, within the confines I have just established.

Many times when I would cut weight I had the same ideas I am sure everyone must have. You first understand that thirst is much worse than hunger to combat. Sometimes all I wanted to do was say forget about making weight today and drink as much water as I wanted. A few times I did give into to these impulses. Of course, I had work off the water and still made weight.

My Heaven Wrestling Experience

During one of my tedious cutting weight sessions I had an idea. The idea was that I would be able to create a heaven on earth for myself. It would only be for a few moments but heaven for a few moments is better than no heaven at all.

I cut weight to point of cotton mouth where my saliva was a pasty white. I made sure I was a pound under my weight class and then I bought a 16 ounce bottle of water. I put it on ice and made sure it was super cold. Someone else might have bought 16 ounces of a sports drink. I preferred the water. When I started to drink the water I realized that in my terms of heaven on earth I was 100% correct. There was nothing else in the world that I would rather have been doing at that time than drinking that bottle of ice water.

For the amount of time that the water lasted I was in heaven.

If you want to recreate this for yourselves I recommend doing it in the off-season. It is not a good idea to have so little water in your body where you have cotton mouth. It definitely did not help my wrestling to lose that extra pound of water weight the night I did it.

Good luck in your attempt to recreate your “heaven.”



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  5. June 4, 2016    

    Oh I hope you do Ariel. Though I have to admit, it was an added plus to watch it (virtually) with so many “friends” on Facebook! But I’ve since watched segments of it again. If you can’t handle Dan Burton and others skip toward the end as Michael and Ari are the last two speakers. Although Eleanor Norton’s questions are well worth slogging through some of those earlier testimonies. After you’ve watched it come back and tell me what you think!

    • October 27, 2016    

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  6. No, I don’t rewrite–except where something clearly isn’t working. The subconscious is great, but it can only inform you to the extent of what you’ve consciously learned. The subconscious can mislead you too (a bad habit is subconscious). At my current skill level, I just try to be more conscious and deliberate, hopefully building my array of subconscious tools.

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