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Instructional Video Blog: Front Headlock

In my opinion the most effective move in wrestling is the front headlock. No other move or takedown will score you more points, particularly if you are great from controlling it or being locked in it. Scoring off your opponents shots is not only crucial but absolutely essential at the highest levels of the sport. If you simply allow your opponent to shoot as much as he likes without paying for it, eventually you will be taken down and beaten. If however every time your opponent shoots you lock him up in a front headlock at the very least, even if you do not score he will be more cautious with his shot next time. Never simply block your opponent’s shot and allow him to stand back up for free.

The following videos are of front headlock finishes. I will be posting more finishes and ways (offensively and defensively) to get a front headlock in the future. This is simply a launching point for the video portion of the blog.

Just like everything else in wrestling and as DRILLING FOR WRESTLING pointed out the front headlock will take time and practice to develop. The first finish especially is all about timing.


Front Headlock Finish #1


Front Headlock Finish #2

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