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Instructional Video Blog: Fireman’s Carry

Fireman's Carry

When anyone thinks of my wrestling, they most likely picture me hitting the fireman’s carry. It was my bread and butter move throughout my career. As I mentioned in Wrestling with Your Destiny, this move literally carried me. It worked so well for me because, one, I drilled it constantly and two, because of my compact body. If you watch my career highlight video, almost half of the highlights are of this move. And the best part is that you can still hit the move even if everything is not perfect, as you will see in the video.

The key to the fireman’s carry is the setup, as it is with almost all takedowns.

My setup of rotating my opponent when I had inside control, confused him into not knowing which move I was going to hit. I used the same setup for my outside/sweep single leg takedown. Another great setup for the fireman’s carry that I used was when my opponent threw an underhook. I would clap down on my overhook and then toss him.

You have to drill the fireman’s carry a lot, especially with the setup shown below because it is all about timing it right. You have to time being exactly in on your opponent’s leg the moment his opposite leg is in the air. Remember the leg you are rotating toward you, is not the leg you are attacking when you shoot the fireman’s carry (it is that leg when you shoot the sweep single). You attack the opposite leg because he can’t move it when the other leg is in the air.

On top of all the good that can happen for your wrestling, the fireman’s carry is¬†extremely¬†fun to hit. Enjoy it.

Fireman’s Carry

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