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Instruction Video: Drilling for Wrestling

Drilling for Wrestling

In one of my first posts over a year ago now (crazy how fast time goes by) I wrote about Drilling for Wrestling. In this video below I wanted to show the proper way to drill. If you focus on only one thing this off-season make sure it’s how to properly drill. The better you drill your moves, the better wrestler you will become in the fastest amount of time. I will go as far as saying that drilling for wrestling is the single biggest factor in improving your wrestling ability. Focus on the drilling when you are doing it. It is about training your mind as much as your body.

Drilling For Wrestling


  1. Dave Conifer Dave Conifer
    June 27, 2012    

    Great lesson, Michael! I never saw the “you do three, I do three, etc.” method but it’s a good idea. I know I was often guilty of flopping around during drills.


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