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Instructional Video Blog: Arm Drag

First watch how I execute the arm drag when I am stuck in a front headlock.

I learned this arm drag in high school from Florian Ghinea, who runs Olympic Wrestling Club in Hawthorne, NJ.

The arm drag saved me many times when I was in a tight situation. The longer you wait to execute a move from this position the worse off you will be. If you cannot get out of the position for any reason, make sure you keep the back of your head under the center of your opponent’s chest. As long as you keep your head there, he will have difficulty scoring on you. Of course, this will only buy you some time until you can get out of there.

Arm Drag Key Points:

Bring your shoulder to your ear to break your opponent’s grip. If his grip is too tight, scoot back first on your one downed knee. That will extend your opponent enough to move your shoulder to your head/ear which will break his grip. Once you accomplish that, the drag is an easy finish. You will then feed his arm from your one hand to the other. The first hand goes to his waist and you slide your head/shoulder out for the two points.

Do not get discouraged if the drag is not working for you right away. It takes tons of practice. I did not use it successfully until I reached college. And there it was instrumental in my most memorable matches. Like anything in wrestling it will take a lot of hard work to get to where you want to be.

Proof the Arm Drag Works:

If you watch either of my highlight videos you will see me hit this arm drag in one of the biggest matches of my life, the 2008 NCAA Division III semifinals.

Let me know how this arm drag works for you.

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    nice to know

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