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Instructional Video Blog: Arm Drag Takedown

Arm Drag

Arm Drag

This week will be the week of the arm drag takedown. Each day I will be posting a different finish off the arm drag from the neutral position. This is not the same as the arm drag from the front headlock as I posted about already. The first finishes in the video below may seem elementary but I promise you they are essential to drill anyway. I heard a great analogy today: The basics in wrestling are like a house’s foundation and if you don’t reinforce the foundation from time to time the entire house will collapse.

Thanks to Jerry D at Jerry Jones Ultimate Martial Arts for the analogy. He used it in terms of grappling but it’s the same for wrestling. This move is part of your wrestling foundation. You can do it as much as you want with little or no risk on your part. Any move like that is great to have in your arsenal. At the very least it can be used as a good setup to your other shots. Drill it to both sides and when you’re done drilling it, drill it some more.

Arm Drag Drill and Finish #1



  1. May 23, 2011    

    This is a great looking technique for taking down an opponent on the mat. So far I’m enjoying all the tips and videos you have been posting here.

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