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Instructional Video Blog: Arm Drag Double

Arm Drag Double

Arm Drag Double

The arm drag double leg takedown is very different from the video posts of the last two days. Unlike when you are performing an arm drag single ,your lead leg will be stepping between your opponent’s feet. The move will still require footwork, but it is double leg footwork. Take note of how my feet move in the video below.

Think of the arm drag double in these terms: Your upper body is doing a simple arm drag and your lower body is shooting a double leg. When you hit your opponent both halves of your body come together to secure the takedown.

Timing is everything with this move. You cannot do an arm drag double in steps and expect it to work on a high level opponent. While you are dragging your opponent’s arm across his body you have to take a penetration step between his legs. Your goal is to pin his arm with your shoulder between his legs. If you can accomplish that, the finish to the move is very simple. If you do lose his arm that is ok if you have a deep enough penetration step. The arm drag is just a setup and anything that helps you secure the takedown is useful.

To get the timing right you will have to drill this move many many times. If there is one theme of this blog, it is that drilling for wrestling is the only way to become a champion.

Arm Drag Double:

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